How to Make Ginger Paste Using a Garlic Press

The garlic press has stood the test of time as a dependable gadget in kitchens worldwide. But beyond pressing garlic, this handy tool has almost a dozen other uses in the culinary world, including mincing ginger. Ginger is a popular spice in many cuisines that benefits from a mince in the garlic press because, just like garlic, the more pulverized ginger is, the more flavor and aroma it produces and adds to your meal. Here’s how to do it.

First, buy the right garlic press. It should have a uniform grid of holes to ensure an even mince. Additionally, the gadget should be comfortable to use and sturdy. Pressing ginger will generally require some force since it’s much more fibrous than garlic, so to avoid your press breaking in the middle of food prep, get one that’s strong enough.

Now wash and peel the root spice and cut it into small pieces roughly the size of a garlic clove so they can fit in the garlic press. Put one or two pieces at a time in the chamber, and press to release the ginger juice and pulp. You can scrape the front end of the press with the back of a knife to release the pulp that’s sticking out into the receiving bowl. After each press, clear the chamber of any lodged ginger to make the next mince easier.

Why the press works for ginger

man scraping garlic press

One of the biggest advantages of using a garlic press to mince ginger is efficiency. The speed and ease of just popping pieces of ginger in the garlic press and squeezing far outshines the time-consuming process of chopping or grating ginger by hand. Not to mention the knife skills required (if chopping) and the risk of grazing your fingers (if grating).

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Another benefit is the fine and even mince you get from using a garlic press. This uniformity is great for cooking as it ensures that the ginger distributes evenly throughout your dish, giving you a balanced flavor in every bite. As a bonus, if your recipe requires both ginger and garlic paste, you can easily mince the two spices together in the garlic press and create one combined paste that’s ready to use.

Given all these benefits, if the one thing holding you back from using a garlic press to mince your ginger is the struggle of cleaning the gadget afterward, don’t worry — we’ve got you. Just use a toothbrush and cleaning your garlic press will be a breeze.

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