How to Make Air Fryer S’mores with Store-Bought Pie Crust

You don’t actually have to build a campfire in the backyard to make delicious s’mores because there’s an appliance on the kitchen counter that can make a similar treat. The heat source is your air fryer and you’ll trade the graham crackers for mini store-bought pie crusts to make easy and delicious s’mores pies that are ideal for a late-night craving or festive dessert. The mini pies will have all of the same flavors as a traditional s’more — no smoke required.

The mini s’mores pies are just one of the many desserts you can easily make in an air fryer, but they certainly stand out as a twist on the nostalgic sweet snack. While you can mix it up with different ingredients, you’ll want to start with the mini graham cracker pie crusts that you can buy at the grocery store or adapt our simple graham cracker crust recipe.

As for the chocolate, use mini chips so they melt faster, or break up a candy bar like you’d do for a classic s’mores. And you obviously cannot forget about the marshmallows. We recommend using mini ones so they fit into the small pie crusts more easily or go with a few large ones if that’s what you already have in the pantry.

How to make air fryer s’mores pies and customize them

Pieces of chocolate candy bars

Turn on your air fryer and set it between 360 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the size of your air fryer, only two or three pies will fit in the basket so work in batches if you need to feed a crowd. For every six mini pie crusts (usually the amount that comes in the package) use two chocolate candy bars and about two cups of mini marshmallows or a few less of the larger ones. 

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Next, break up the chocolate, place a few pieces on the bottom of the pie crust, and top with a handful of marshmallows. Place the pies in the air fryer for about five minutes, or until the marshmallows are melted and golden brown. It’s as easy as that, but there are always ways to elevate things. 

Swap the chocolate bar with white or dark chocolate, use peanut butter cups for the delectable pairing of peanut butter and chocolate, or add a spoonful of hazelnut spread like Nutella. You could also throw in chopped nuts for crunch or add diced fruit like strawberries for a fusion of flavors. Another final touch is to add colorful sprinkles after the pies come out of the air fryer to add a pop of color for a celebration or holiday. 

Whichever variation you decide on, you’ll have a delicious and easy dessert to enjoy within minutes.

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