How to Easily Toast and Store-Bought Pita Bread

Ever found yourself struggling to neatly slice open store-bought pita bread without it tearing or falling apart? If so, there’s a simple solution hiding in your kitchen — the toaster. As it turns out, crisping up your pita holds the key to cleanly and easily opening the bread without any fuss or frustration.

Attempting to cut open room-temperature pita bread often leads to tears and jagged edges, leaving you with a less-than-perfect base for your favorite fillings. By giving your pita bread a quick toast, you can transform it into a perfectly sliceable canvas for all sorts of fabulous flavors. 

Simply pop your pita bread into the toaster and let it toast for 30 seconds to a minute until it becomes warm and slightly more pliable. Once it’s lightly toasted, remove the pita from the toaster and let it cool for a moment or two before slicing. 

The warmer temperature is what makes cutting into the pita so much easier because the bread is less likely to rip or tear if it bends a little, and also the steam inside helps it open up. Now gently cut along the edge of the pita to create a clean and even opening.

Use a serrated knife for the best results

pita breads in toaster

Even with a crisper, firmer texture, it’s still best to use a serrated knife to cut through a pita pocket. You might even consider using a double-sided serrated knife for the best results. The signature toothy blade of a serrated knife is perfect for not only cutting most breads, but particularly for cutting delicate pita pockets. The blade grabs onto the pita after it has been toasted and slices through it rather than tearing at it.

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To ensure even sides of the pita pocket, it’s helpful to hold the bread firmly in place with one hand while gently guiding the knife through the center with the other, using a back-and-forth sawing motion. This technique helps to maintain the integrity of the pita pocket, creating a perfect vessel for stuffing with your favorite fillings. Whether you slice it all the way along, or cut it in half before slicing is up to you.

So the next time you find yourself facing off against stubborn pita bread, don’t grab a serrated knife alone, reach for the toaster too. With a brief toasting, you’ll unlock the secret of clean-cutting pita every time. And if you’re still looking for inspiration for how to eat and pair your bread, try one of our 18 creative ways to use pita.

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