How to Easily Peel a Kiwi Using a Spoon

If your knife skills are subpar when it comes to neatly removing the furry skin off a kiwi, we’ve got an awesome tip; use a spoon instead of a knife to flawlessly peel your next one by gliding it under the skin.

While it’s possible to do a good job of removing kiwi skin with a sharp knife, it’s easy for the blade to accidentally dig into the flesh or cut away too much of the fruit along with the peel. This doesn’t pose much of a problem if you’re eating your kiwi as a quick snack, using mashed kiwi as a tenderizer in a marinade, or blending it into a smoothie. However, you might need an immaculately peeled kiwi if you want to display it on a fruit board or use it to decorate a fancy trifle. Spherical slices of kiwi are also perfect for layering on cheesecakes or lining the rim of a glass filled with a fruity mocktail.

Using a spoon to remove the peel works so well because it doesn’t have any sharp edges that could pierce the fruit. The edge of a spoon is also fine enough to slide under the skin, which is why it’s often employed to neatly scoop out the soft flesh of a ripe avocado. Moreover, its curved shape is perfect for hugging the oval contours of a kiwi and gliding itself around it.

Slide your spoon under the kiwi skin

Kiwi peeled with spoon

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To peel a kiwi with a spoon, you’ll need to remove the ends first by slicing them off with a knife. Then slide your spoon underneath the skin so it sits between the flesh and the peel. The hollow side of the spoon should be facing the flesh and the rounded side should be flush against the skin. This may take some maneuvering but the spoon should glide under the peel without breaking it. Finally, slide the spoon around the circumference of the kiwi while rotating it to separate the flesh from the skin. 

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Once you’ve taken your spoon all the way around, the skin should fall off in one piece, leaving you with a smooth, freshly peeled kiwi that’s free from unsightly marks. Bear in mind that if your fruit is particularly large and your spoon is too small to cover its surface, you may need to perform this process on one end before repeating it on the other side. And if you don’t have a spoon handy to remove the skin, consider leaving it on. Much like a fuzzy peach, the skin on a kiwi is safe to eat and is packed full of nutrients. You can eat in the same way as you’d bite through an apple, which will give you the chance to benefit from its high fiber content.

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