Exploring the Different Knobs on Le Creuset Dutch Ovens

Le Creuset has established itself as a household standard by offering a lineup of crockery for home bakers to choose from. Knowing how you intend to use your Dutch oven and for what purpose can help you select which product is right for your kitchen, even before you deliberate over which color will match the aesthetics of your home.

Colorful cookware is not only pretty to look at but Le Creuset’s products are designed to be functional and built to last. A variety of cast iron casserole pieces come with fitting lids, but if you look closely, the knobs on the products can vary. A knob is not just a knob, and Le Creuset knows this. While the brand’s heat-resistant knobs can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, customers can find a range of finishes for the pieces, like stainless steel, gold, black nickel, and a multi-colored iridescent sheen. The knobs can also be ordered in different shapes, from the classic round pieces to heart, flower, and star-shaped designs made with phenolic material that can be placed in dishwashers, freezers, and hot ovens.

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Watchful bakers may notice that the brand’s Signature black phenolic knobs accommodate heat up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit and the Classic knobs up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Though these temperature differences may sound slight to the uninformed, for those using Dutch ovens to make bread or bake chicken at high temperatures, such variations can matter. While examining the knobs of the brand’s Signature and Classic product line, look for these subtle signs to determine which knob is which: Classic knobs, which are meant for lower temperatures, have the logo and the company on them. The higher-heat withstanding Signature knobs only have the Le Creuset name.

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Should your culinary projects vary, Le Creuset has your back. Though the brand has a line-up of cast iron sets available for purchase, shoppers can also build the arrangement of their dreams to suit their baking and cooking needs. Want to accessorize a coral-colored Dutch oven with an iridescent knob so you can serve a creamy spinach pasta bake straight out of the oven? Le Creuset can help make your fantasies come true. 

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