Enamel Coffee Pot: The Must-Have Camping Season Accessory

How do you keep your coffee routine during a summer camping trip? Sure, canned coffee can be flavorful if you pick the right brand, and there are coffee machines for camping vans, but for the old and nostalgic souls, nothing beats a rustic enamel coffee pot over a campfire. There’s just something about putting your pot over the fire, waiting for it to brew, then pouring it smoking hot into your mug and enjoying heaven as it hits your taste buds.

But before loading that enamel pot into your camping truck, take a tip from the cowboys and give it a thorough seasoning. This step is crucial if your enamel pot is brand new — it helps get rid of that “newness” odor of metal or coating, conditioning the pot for making pure, delicious coffee. Even an old pot that has been sitting around for a while can also benefit from a good seasoning. It banishes any off-putting smell or taste of old coffee and primes your pot for a new brewing “season.”

The seasoning process itself is quite straightforward; however, it takes a little while, so it’s best to do it before your trip so you can have your coffee pot ready when you need it at the campsite. 

How to season your coffee pot for the perfect brew

enamel coffee pot being poured

Before you start with the seasoning, the first step is to give it a rinse. This way, you can get rid of any dust or surprise creatures that might be lurking inside the nooks and crannies of the pot. You can use dish soap or just plain hot water for this purpose — it’s a matter of preference, but if you opt to go with soap, be sure to give the pot a very thorough rinse afterwards to avoid a sudsy aftertaste in your coffee. While you’re at it, also fill the pot up with water and check for any leaking points.

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Now that your pot is ready for seasoning, fill it up with water, then add coffee grounds in your usual ratio. Place it on the stove or campfire for about 10 minutes to heat up, then take it off and let it cool down. You can leave the pot in this condition overnight. This time will allow the coffee and its oils to steep into the pot. Just discard the mixture the next morning — no need to rinse or clean. Make your coffee as usual, and enjoy the deeper flavor notes your well-seasoned pot produces!

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