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Crunchy Cinnamon Toast Made in an Air Fryer

The buttery, crunchy bite of a sweet piece of toasted cinnamon bread can brighten the dullest of meal times. If you want an even crispier, more satisfying snack, consider bringing your air fryer into the game. For lovers of all things bready and sweet, slathering slices of bread in butter and dusting each piece with cinnamon and sugar before popping it into your air fryer will create some of the most satisfying pieces of toast you’ve ever sunk your teeth into. Air-fried cinnamon toast may soon jockey its way into the number one spot for your sweet cravings, and luckily, the easy snack requires very little culinary know-how to put together. 

Simply mix butter, sugar, and cinnamon in a shallow dish. Add your choice of extract to flavor the spread (flavors like vanilla and hazelnut can give an extra pop of deliciousness to your creation). Line your air fryer with air fryer parchment paper for a quick cleanup. 

After one side of your toast is coated with swipes of the sweetened buttery mixture, pop your toast into the air fryer for a few minutes. Keep an eye on your toast, as machines can cook differently, and the length of time to toast your bread to perfection may differ according to the type of bread you use. 

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Repeat the process and coat the other side of the bread with your sugary butter before air frying the toast for an additional five minutes, or until your snack is perfectly golden and crunchy. The browned butter will infuse each bite of your toast, and the cinnamon spice will come to life in the warmth of the air fryer. With a crisp exterior and a spongy, buttery middle that is heightened by sweet sugar caramelization and warming cinnamon spice, your air fryer may soon be working overtime.

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Though simply toasting a piece of bread and topping it with a powdery dusting of cinnamon and sugar will yield a delectable snack, bringing an air fryer into the equation will turn up the volume of texture and flavor, as the entire piece of bread will be singing with your creative culinary work. Present the air-fried cinnamon toast to the breakfast table with eggs and potatoes or enhance your pieces with pumpkin pie spice and dollops of homemade ice cream or whipped cream for an after-meal treat. Consider yourself warned: This is a dish that will disappear quickly.

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