Crispy Feta Cheese Recipe for a Non-Stick Pan

Feta is the gift that keeps on giving. Yes, it’s delicious in a Greek salad, but its versatility goes way beyond this classic dish. If you want to experiment with your feta, you can bake it, grill it, or even use its brine – but for a quick appetizer that enhances both the taste and texture of your cheese, try pan-frying it. Your block will become warm and soft in the center, while developing a deliciously golden, crispy crust. Plus, you can layer on as many spices and seasonings as you like to turn this into a rich, flavorful dish. But the key to creating that beautiful crunch on top of your feta? Using a good nonstick pan. 

These tools are ideal for cooking foods at medium heat or less, which is what you’ll be doing with this crispy cheese. And for the most part, you’ll want to leave it untouched while it sizzles, so using a pan that doesn’t require constant stirring to avoid sticking is ideal for your peace of mind. Plus, nonstick pans generally require less oil than stainless steel versions, so your feta won’t turn out overly greasy.

Coat your feta for maximum crispiness

fried feta on greek salad

The only fat you need when pan-frying feta is a couple tablespoons of olive oil. To get the crispiest coating possible, try dredging your block through a whisked egg, followed by a Panko breadcrumb mixture before it hits the heat. Feel free to mix the latter with flavorings like garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flakes, and Italian seasoning. Or, you can swap out the breadcrumbs with a simple sesame seed crust, which will turn out just as golden and crunchy.

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When your block is ready, all you have to do is gently plop it in a nonstick pan that’s warmed on medium heat with your oil. Your feta should only need about six minutes on each side, but check that the bottom is a nice golden color before flipping it. Be gentle when you turn the cheese — not only because it’s crumbly and could easily break apart, but because it’s best to avoid any harsh scraping on nonstick pans in general. When both sides are sufficiently crispy, let your feta sit briefly on a paper towel to get rid of any excess oil. Then feel free to garnish your masterpiece with hot honey, fresh chopped herbs, lemon juice or zest, or sundried tomatoes.

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