Cooking Salmon in an Air Fryer: Why You Should Try It with Trader Joe’s

We all know there are many ways to cook the perfect salmon, but according to Trader Joe’s on episode 73 of its podcast, “Inside Trader Joe’s,” you should start cooking salmon — like our simple baked honey citrus salmon recipe – in the air fryer. Before you begin, be sure to review Look’s 13 tips you need when cooking with an air fryer.

Tara, on “Inside Trader Joe’s,” stated, “Salmon in the air fryer is a revelation because it kind of tastes like a blend of roasted and grilled. But the texture is just perfect and it’s so fast.” That all makes sense since air fryers are basically mini convection ovens, and ovens roast food. Unlike ovens, however, air fryers tend to be smaller. As smaller appliances, air fryers preheat quicker than ovens, in about 2 to 3 minutes, whereas it can take an oven an average of 20 minutes or longer to preheat. Additionally, with a smaller area to focus and circulate hot air, air fryers tend to create more evenly cooked and crispier food. Naturally, the salmon you cook in an air fryer has nearly perfect texture, as long as you don’t overcook it. The exterior of the salmon crisps up beautifully, while the inside retains juice. The salmon’s buttery flesh flakes off with your fork.

If you add an accessory to your air fryer, your salmon can achieve a grilled taste

cooked salmon plate

When you cook salmon in an air fryer, you can also achieve a grilled taste. However, you may need an additional accessory, like a grilling plate, grate, or pan. First, brush the grilling accessory with neutral oil or melted butter before placing your salmon on it in the air fryer. 

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As the air fryer gets hot, so does the grilling plate, which causes the fish to sizzle as it gets “grilled.” Hence, your air fryer-cooked salmon tastes a bit roasted and a bit grilled, as Tara mentioned on Trader Joe’s podcast. Your salmon may also have grill marks, giving the illusion it was grilled, rather than air fried.

Ready to cook your next perfect salmon in the air fryer? First, check out Look’s 13 air fryer hacks you should know. Then, pick your favorite salmon recipe — one that you normally grill or roast. Check out our list of 21 salmon recipes for any meal if you need a place to start. Additionally, we have a list of the best air fryers, which all won Look awards in 2023.

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