Comparison: Nespresso Vertuo Creatista vs Lattissima – Which is Right for You?

There’s a dizzying number of ways to make a cup of coffee at home. Whether it’s a pour-over with a Chemex, a moka pot, or an espresso machine, no method is better than the rest, it’s simply a matter of preference and skill. As a result, shopping for the ideal fit for the home can feel intimidating.

Nespresso machines are a great option for those seeking a combination of convenience and taste. An innovator of pod technology, the brand has been creating press-of-a-button brews for decades. What comes out isn’t espresso — the machines employ a different method– but the result is nonetheless delicious. The brews are strong, Nespresso pods come in many flavors, and there’s even a thick layer of crema on top.

Nespresso offers many machines for pod brewing, each with distinct capabilities. The Vertuo line, which the company debuted in 2014, provides a good starting point. These coffee makers spin pods at 7,000 rotations per minute, intensively extracting the grounds.

Two Vertuo models craft milk beverages — the Lattissima or Creatista. The Lattissima can craft milk drinks with the press of a button, while the pricier Creatista steams barista-quality foam. Both are outstanding coffeemakers worth considering.

What is the Nespresso Vertuo Creatista?

Nespresso Vertuo  Creatista model

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The Creatista visually resembles a full-fledged espresso machine and offers similar capabilities. The machine can craft coffee of six different sizes, combined with varying milk-texturing settings. The coffee and milk systems operate in parallel, with button selection for both settings.

The brewer takes pods of varying sizes, which makes their resultant volume based on their barcode. As part of the Vertuo line, cups have delicious taste and texture — no need to worry about coffee quality with this machine.

The steaming mechanism is the maker’s star component, making it ideal for milk-coffee lovers. It allows for terrific milk steaming, even allowing you to dabble in creating some latte art, an ability distinct to this model. All the while, the coffee-making process can be hands-off since the milk steams automatically with a sensor. As Nespresso’s priciest Veruto offering, this machine brings all the bells and whistles.

What is the Nespresso Vertuo Lattissima?

close up of Lattissima brewer

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The Lattissima brews coffee in a fully automated fashion. Like other Nespresso machines, you’ll need to pop in a pod of your choice, which can be a larger size. The machine can brew in six different volumes, ranging from a single shot of espresso to an 18-ounce carafe. Plus, there are three milk-drink options. You simply need to press a button and the machine fully automates the process. The coffee’s ready in just a bit more than 30 seconds.

As a result, crafting morning coffee is a breeze. With no need to worry about brewing logistics, simply select the pod flavor of preference, fill the milk container, and you’re ready to go. The machine can hold up to 10 small capsules at once, so it’s easy to make a second cup.

As part of the Vertuo line, the coffee maker crafts richly flavored brews. They’re topped with a generous serving of crema, and the milk melds well with the coffee. This machine is a great fit for those looking for the most ease.

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The machines offer distinct milk-steaming capabilities

prepared milk based coffee

The greatest differentiator between the two machines is their milk-steaming mechanism. The Lattissima comes with a nifty one-touch system, which can craft cappuccinos and foam-topped latte macchiatos. The desired coffee style must be pre-selected, but the machine delectably froths the milk and automatically combines it with the brew. Just note there’s not much capability for fine-tuning the texture, and the result comes out frothed rather than steamed. What it makes isn’t quite as delicate as a fully homemade cappuccino, but nonetheless delicious.

Alternatively, the Creatista comes with a more fleshed-out milk-steaming system, which better replicates textures crafted by a barista. It’s possible to select between varying foam consistencies and temperatures, with three options for both settings. This expands the range of milk-based coffees to flat whites and lattes. It’s only necessary to place the milk pitcher atop the sensor, and then the machine will take care of the steaming. Next, you need to combine the milk with the brewed coffee. Using the Creatista, there’s no need to worry about learning all the tips and tricks of a milk frother to craft an expanded range of coffee beverages.

The different milk vessels affect coffee brewing logistics

frothed milk poured from pitcher

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The Lattissima integrates milk through a standalone 16-ounce milk container, making it easy to brew multiple drinks in quick succession. The dispenser can be taken out and stored separately. However, some find it frustrating to clean the carafe, which will be necessary fairly frequently. And you’ll always need to store leftover milk in the fridge.

Alternatively, the Creatista is half the size and steams the contained milk all in one go — so only a drink or two can be crafted per round. It comes with the familiar metallic milk-frothing pitcher typically used with other espresso machines. This vessel is easy to clean and enables a quick switch to other barista milks. Plus, it operates separately from the coffee brewing mechanism, which allows easy milk replenishment. The standalone function allows for steam creation for other beverages, like chai lattes or hot chocolates. The Creatista’s milk system opens up to more malleability.

The Creatista is pricier but comes with a few other advantages

served cup of nespresso coffee

Undoubtedly, price is a factor when purchasing a coffee maker and it does set the models apart. The Creatista’s MSRP is $699.99, making it the priciest of the Vertuo lineup and $200 more expensive than the Lattissima.

Its steeper cost is apparent in its aesthetics; the machine has a beautiful stainless steel look. Combined with the steaming pitcher and grate serving tray, it resembles a full-fledged espresso machine rather than other pod-based brewers. The Lattissima is by no means a bad-looking apparatus, with options of a black or white matte exterior, but its form is more in line with other Nespresso machines.

The Creatista’s water tank is 13 ounces larger, necessitating less frequent refills. Its steamer wand automatically flushes, although it will need to be wiped with a wet cloth between every use. Such qualities elevate the coffees to a more cafe-like caliber, which makes the Creatista worth the price tag for some.

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