Buttery Canned Biscuits Wrapped in Aluminum Foil

While scratch-made buttermilk biscuits are the gold standard of any Southern culinary spread, canned biscuits are a convenient premade product with surprisingly flakey and decadent results. Besides, you can always make simple adjustments and additions to them to bring them closer to the soft, fluffy, buttery characteristics of homemade biscuits. In a recent viral TikTok post, foodie influencer @the_oliviasarmiento shared an ingenious hack for the softest, moistest, most buttery canned biscuits ever. She recommends adding melted butter to canned biscuits after placing them in a baking tin, then covering them in tin foil before baking them at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Then, she uncovers the biscuits and sticks them back into the oven to broil for a couple of minutes, brushing a second serving of melted butter over their browned tops for good measure.

Placing tin foil over the biscuits traps water vapor rising from the dough as it cooks, effectively steaming the biscuits so their crumb is moist and tender. The drizzle of melted butter gives them a rich, savory, homemade taste that infiltrates the crumb as they steam. The final stint under the broiler gives them that caramelized, crunchy texture to contrast the pillowy dough. A quick broil will ensure that the biscuits don’t have time to dry out. The final brush of butter is the veritable icing on the cake, reinforcing that homemade, comforting flavor.

More canned biscuit tricks

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If you want to go a step further, you can add even more flavor and decadence to canned biscuits with ingredients like herbs, aromatics, spices, and cheese. Butter acts as a great conduit for infusing other ingredients to create a tasty biscuit marinade. You can add onion powder, parmesan cheese, and everything bagel seasoning to the melted butter before pouring it on the biscuits for a zingy, salty, savory upgrade. You can also add fresh herbs to the melted butter used to finish the biscuits after broiling them.

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If you buy flakey canned biscuits that come apart into thin sheets, you can intersperse the sheets with slices of cheese and sweet or spicy jams. You can use the tin foil hack for repurposed biscuit dough ideas like monkey bread, pull-apart bread, and pot-pie toppings for the same textural upgrade.

Aluminum foil isn’t just good for the baking process. It’s also key to storing and reheating leftover biscuits. The best way to freeze biscuits to maintain their flavor and texture is by wrapping each biscuit in tin foil. By the same token, you can reheat biscuits covered in tin foil to lock in moisture and prevent them from over-browning or drying out.

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