Best DIY Kitchen Products for 2024

More than 10,000 products will be only display at The Inspired Home Show 2024, taking place in Chicago from March 17-19. There’s something for everyone at the massive home interiors convention, including those who love the DIY lifestyle. If you get excited about conquering the challenge of making the perfect, foolproof sourdough starter or love producing the creamiest plant-based milk, then TIHS has a lot of new innovative products just for you.  

A common hurdle for those curious about exploring this lifestyle is the daunting task of making your own ingredients, but it can be easier than you think. There’s a range of new items on display this year that can help increase the functionality of a DIY kitchen and pantry and make it accessible to more people. Whether you’re a seasoned homemade aficionado or just really want to know if homemade bread actually tastes better, then keep an eye out for these must-have items at TIHS.

Sourdough Home from Brod & Taylor

sourdough home with starter

One of the reasons creating a sourdough starter is often seen as such a challenge is because of the particular conditions a good starter needs to survive. Your sourdough starter is a living thing, and like all living things it needs an adequate environment to thrive. But gone are the days of being daunted by the task of homemade bread, thanks to Brod and Taylor. The brand’s Sourdough Home is a miniature, temperature-controlled container where you can safely stow your sourdough starter. 

The Sourdough Home maintains a consistent environment for your starter by constantly adjusting based on the temperature changes in the environment. Plus, you can experiment with changing the temperature to produce different variations of sourdough bread. All you have to do is remember your feeding schedule for your starter and you’ve got the foundations of endless homemade loaves. This handy countertop appliance will be on display at TIHS 2024, and currently retails for $99.

Plant Milker from Clean Living with Michelle

Plant milker pitchers

The widespread adoption of plant-based milk is one of the more recent food trends that isn’t going anywhere. There’s so many types of plant-based milk to explore; oat, almond, soy, even macadamia nut and pea milk have all become commonplace in coffee shops and kitchens everywhere. 

But rather than constantly having to buy new containers to keep your fridge stocked, the Plant Milker from Clean Living with Michelle lets you try making plant-based milk at home. After you add your water, milk base of choice and any other flavors you may want, like vanilla or cinnamon, the Plant Milker does the rest by blending your ingredients and producing smooth and creamy, dairy-free milk. Not only can you save money over time with this easy to use gadget, this also gives you control over the ingredients that go into your milk and offers infinite customization. Attendees at this year’s TIHS will get a first look at this brand new product. 

Goldie from Sourhouse

Goldie sourhouse starter container

For the aspiring bread makers out there who are looking to bake in style, Goldie by Sourhouse is a must-see item at TIHS. These sourdough starter jars, which retail for about $17 per pint-sized container, are perfect for the DIY chef who loves the aesthetic part of crafting food. These jars rest on a temperature puck, covered by a clear lid so you can witness your sourdough starter grow in real-time. 

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In sourdough baking, there exists a temperature goal known as the “Goldilocks zone” because it is just right for growing and maintaining a healthy sourdough starter. Goldie by Sourhouse takes its inspiration from this to provide an optimal environment. The temperature puck cools down your starter if it detects it’s becoming too warm. It also has an auto warmer switch if your house tends to be colder. And since this device is small enough to live on your counter, it can function as practical and decorative at the same time. 

Sahara Folding Dehydrator from Brod and Taylor

dehydrator filled with fruit and greens

Brod & Taylor/The Inspired Home Show

Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and meat make for an easy, on-the-go snack or an innovative way to bring your favorite meals when you camp. And with the Sahara Folding Dehydrator from Brod and Taylor, it’s easier and more convenient than ever to make all your favorite dried foods. 

This is definitely one to look out for at TIHS. The Sahara Folding Dehydrator is a small, countertop-friendly machine that also folds down for storage. At $395, it’s an investment into your DIY lifestyle, but one that will likely prove worth it very quickly. With dual time and temperature controls, this product not only works fast, but ensures that your dried foods retain as much of their flavor and nutrients as possible. 

Many DIY lifestyle people love the opportunity to grow their own food when applicable — and another benefit of a food dehydrator like the Sahara is preserving any excess produce or herbs you might grow in a home garden, turning them into longer-lasting, tasty dried snacks. 

Herb Garden Starter Kit from Garden Republic

fresh herbs in kitchen

Many of those who commit to a DIY kitchen practice have likely considered growing their own produce at some point. But, if you live in an apartment or don’t have access to sprawling, farmable land, this wish can be hard to obtain — until now.  

Attendees at TIHS 2024 should be sure to check out the Herb Garden Starter Kit from Garden Republic It allows you to grow fresh herbs right in your own kitchen with ease, which can be a great introduction to the world of growing your own food. This starter kit, which retails for less than $30, includes cilantro, thyme, parsley, and basil seeds, along with soil disks, jute containers, and a planting guide to help you bring your plants to life. Fresh herbs taste amazing in your dishes and provide an aromatic experience in your kitchen, and with this starter kit, you’ll have fresh flavor right at your fingertips. 

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