Avoid this Common Storage Mistake with Your Nespresso Machine

Ah, the Nespresso machine, an easy-to-use kitchen device that creates convenient espressos (and more) at the push of a button. But even the finest machines have their Achilles’ heel, and for Nespressos, it often lies in a tiny place: moisture. To ensure your machine functions properly and runs correctly, you might need to ask yourself, where is it being stored? 

When not using your Nespresso machine, it’s best to place it in a dry and dust-free location. It’s also imperative to keep your machine away from heat or moisture sources to prevent potential damage over time. Depending on how much space you have or when you’re using your machine next, consider a cool, dry cabinet away from heat and sunlight. Remove and empty the water tank and capsule container and unplug the device.

When possible, stick to room temperature storage, as fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels can cause your Nespresso machine to deteriorate more quickly. Finally, while you’re at it, it’s also important to remember to regularly descale your device, as build-up from used capsules can affect flavor and machine performance.

Keep it clean, keep it dry

close up of Nespresso machine

That sleek metal exterior may look chic, but there’s not a lot of protection from the elements that wreak havoc on your Nespresso machine. In addition to storing your machine correctly, regularly rotate your capsule stock to ensure you’re always enjoying the freshest coffee possible. Use older capsules first and replenish your supply as needed to prevent any capsules from sitting unused for too long.

Other helpful hints? If your machine has a milk frother, detach it and clean it separately. If possible, store it in its original packaging. Finally, your Nespresso machine’s manual might have specific storage instructions, so don’t hesitate to consult it for best practices.

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By addressing these simple storage mistakes, you can unlock the full potential of your Nespresso machine and savor consistently delicious, barista-quality coffee every single time. Don’t let improper storage rob you of the whole Nespresso experience — take the necessary steps to protect your capsules and elevate your coffee game today!

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