Air Fryer Recipe: How to Make Deep-Fried Oreos

If you love deep-fried Oreos, you’ll be delighted to know you can make them at home using your air fryer — there’s no need to wait for a summer carnival. Not only will they come out tasting just as delicious, but they also require very little effort. Thanks to the air fryer, you can avoid dealing with deep frying (with very little difference in taste).

To make the coating for the Oreos, all you need to do is whip up pancake batter. You can do this from scratch, using our easy pancakes recipe, but you can also use a box mix to save even more time and effort. Once the batter is thoroughly mixed, dip each Oreo into the batter until it’s completely covered; repeat with as many Oreos as you want to make. Next, cook the coated Oreos in the air fryer for just three minutes at 390 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to be cautious to not overcook them, you can use a lower temperature: Cook them for six to seven minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll know they’re done when the coating is golden brown and a little puffy.

How to customize and serve the deep-fried Oreos

Stack of deep fried Oreos

First and foremost, if you use boxed pancake mix, there are some ways to elevate it so your deep-fried Oreos taste even better. For example, if the box calls for water, replace it with milk or buttermilk — this will make the batter much richer (and tastier). Additionally, adding a bit of vanilla extract or almond extract will give the batter a deeper flavor. Similarly, if you want to switch up the batter’s taste, you can add pumpkin pie spice or matcha powder for a unique spin on the treat. 

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When it comes to serving the deep-fried Oreos, enjoy them right out of the air fryer so they’re hot and fresh (and at their most delicious). They are super tasty eaten just as they are or with a sprinkling of powdered sugar for some extra sweetness, but you can also turn them into a more complex dessert.

The deep-fried Oreos are perfect for dipping in a variety of sweet sauces, such as hot fudge, or for a fancier take, muscovado chocolate ganache. To bring in a new flavor, you can pair the Oreos with a salted caramel sauce or something fruity, such as a strawberry or raspberry sauce. If you’re willing to eat the Oreos with a fork, you can lay them out on a plate, drizzle them with your choice of sauce, then top with whipped cream — the combination makes for one memorable and decadent dessert.

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