Steps to Make Marshmallows with Edible Flowers

Add a cute, festive touch to your next mug of homemade hot chocolate with a marshmallow that is shaped like flower petals. With a few strategic slices, you can mold marshmallows into an adorable garnish that can be placed into drinks and on top of desserts. 

Using scissors or a sharp knife, make 4 equally sized horizontal cuts along a large, campfire-style marshmallow, being careful not to slice the spongy morsel all the way through. Once the cuts have been made, twist the outer ends of the marshmallow to fan out the individual layers and stick the ends together. You can use a candy, chocolate, or hazelnut to place in the center to resemble a bud. While these fun decorations can be enjoyed squishy and soft, they can also be baked for a crunchier, more durable finish. This crafty culinary activity can take some practice to get right, but once you’ve mastered making these fun flower shapes, your wintery hot chocolates will tease the warmer days of spring.

Add a whimsical touch to treats

flowers made from marshmallows

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To make a batch of firmer marshmallow flowers that you can store and use later on, place your twisted and fanned-out flower shapes onto parchment paper and bake for 15 minutes, then remove the baking sheet to add your choice of ingredient to represent the center bud of each flower. Once your candy pieces or nuts are placed, pop your marshmallow bouquet back into the oven to bake for an additional 40 minutes. You can finish your cooled petals with light dustings of cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, or flaky salt for a boost of flavor. 

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For a more vivid and colorful marshmallow floral arrangement, use a variety of colored and flavored marshmallows to add a spot of color to cups and desserts. Keep your treats in an airtight container to quickly grab and add to the next afternoon treat that calls for some sweet brightness. 

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