How to Make Hard Taco Shells from Tortilla Glass

Taco night just got even better. Forget store-bought taco shells — instead, craft your own crispy, golden, hard taco shells right at home using just a microwave-safe glass and some tortillas. It’s a game-changing technique that will take your taco experience to the next level. Let’s explore how to make quick hard taco shells and even take this tip further for a delightful twist.

Creating hard taco shells is surprisingly simple and requires minimal equipment. Start with your favorite tortillas, preferably smallish ones. Flour or corn tortillas both work beautifully. Find a standard microwave-safe water glass and place the tortilla in the glass so that the sides are wrapped against the inside of the glass, making sure it sits snugly at the bottom. For larger tortillas, you can fold them in half first, before putting them in a glass.

Microwave the tortilla in the glass for about 30 seconds. Keep a close eye on it to prevent overcooking, as microwave times may vary. After microwaving, carefully remove the glass (it may be hot), and you’ll find your tortilla has transformed into a crunchy, hard taco shell, perfect for loading up with your favorite taco filling. You could start with our halloumi taco recipe for a meat-free treat.

Try this tip with taco salad shells too

tortilla salad bowl

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use the same technique to craft your very own taco salad shells. Instead of folding the tortilla, drape it over the rim of a wide-mouth glass, forming a concave shape like a bowl. To keep the edges of the tortilla in place while microwaving, you can tie them down around the glass with kitchen twine. This will help maintain the desired shape. Follow the same microwaving process as with the taco shells, keeping a close watch to ensure it crisps up without burning.

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To ensure your homemade hard taco shells stay crispy and crunchy, fill your taco shells with your favorite ingredients right after making them and serve immediately. The longer they sit, the more they may soften due to moisture from the fillings. If you’re concerned about fillings making the shell soggy, consider adding a layer of lettuce or cheese to the bottom of the shell before adding any hot ingredients. This creates a barrier that helps maintain the crunch. When loading your tacos, be mindful of watery or saucy fillings, as they can contribute to shell sogginess.

Homemade hard taco shells are not only delicious but also a fun and creative way to elevate your taco nights. Whether you’re crafting traditional tacos or experimenting with taco salad shells, the microwave method is a quick and convenient way to achieve the perfect crunch.

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