Frozen Granola Bars: The Perfect Breakfast or Snack

Granola bars are already sweet, tasty premade snacks, but you can turn them into a frozen breakfast meal with a clever and efficient trick we (no surprise here) learned on TikTok. The transformation is simple and versatile, using the granola bar’s wrapping plastic as a popsicle mold to easily peel off when you’re ready to eat it. To execute the hack, grab your favorite granola bar and, without opening the wrapper, give it a few whacks with a rolling pin or even the heel of your hand to break it down into crumbles. 

Then, add breakfast ingredients, such as fresh or dried fruit, nut butter, shredded coconut, and seeds to the crumbled granola. Insert a spoon, metal skewer, or wooden stick into the granola mixture, pour dairy or one of the many types of plant-based milk inside the wrapper, and give the mixture a few stirs to distribute the ingredients. Finally, place the granola bar stick-side up into a container and set it in the freezer for a few hours.

These frozen granola breakfasts deconstruct the bar into a bowl of granola elaborated with all your favorite add-ins. Freezing the mixture reconstitutes it into a fortified bar that’s just as easy to eat on the go and a lot more nutritious. Plus, you get a novel texture by freezing these combined ingredients, with a nice crunch from the granola alongside melt-in-your-mouth frozen fruit cemented into a creamy blend of frozen nut butter and milk.

Frozen granola bar ingredient options

Various granola bars with fresh fruit, nuts, and oats on a pink surface

With the plethora of granola bar brands and varieties comes countless flavor and ingredient combinations, yielding a different frozen granola breakfast for every day of the year. In her viral video, TikTok foodie and inventor of this recipe, @ballehurns, adds fresh blueberries and a few scoops of peanut butter to her granola bar, topping it all off with dairy milk. Nut butters and milk will provide a boost of protein and healthy fat worthy of a breakfast meal. 


turn a snack into a snack

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That said, there are plenty of different nut butter options and milk varieties available to suit your taste and dietary preferences. Soy milk has just as much protein as dairy milk, for example. Oat, coconut, and almond milk all make for creamy popsicle foundations with unique tasting notes of their own. Furthermore, you can add even more flavors and creaminess by swapping milk with tangy yogurt. Almond butter, cashew butter, and tahini are all great peanut butter alternatives.

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Since many granola bars contain dried fruit or creamy chocolate chips, fresh fruit is a great texture and flavor upgrade. It’ll bring bright, tart notes and an icy, slushy texture to complement the crunchy or chewy granola bar and the sweetness of honey, maple, or dried fruits in the granola. Berries are good options for freezing, especially since they have the shortest shelf life. However, freezing grapes brings a luscious and satisfying textural result. Frozen banana chunks are sweet and creamy, while frozen mango and pineapple are other great tropical options.

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