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Savory Snack Recipe: Homemade Smoked Crackers

Smoked crackers could become your latest snack obsession and don’t say we didn’t warn you. These bite-sized vehicles for cheese, meats, and spreads will keep you reaching for more, and crumbs can be easily used to top off casseroles and street corn. And when it comes to building your next charcuterie board, we are confident that these flavorful additions will be a major hit. 

Though you’ll need to plan ahead to make these smokey crackers, your effort will be worth it. To make these, just reach for your favorite variety of crackers to place into a pan that is safe for your smoker. Cheez-Its, Ritz, and sesame crackers are a great starting point, or make gluten-free garlic and herb crackers to send into the smoker.

You can also season the batch of snacks with everything but the bagel seasoning blend, an easy three-ingredient dry rub, or a simple garnish of smoked paprika and garlic powder to punch up the flavor. Prior to setting the crackers into the smoker, you’ll want to be sure the pieces are well coated in oil, butter, or a cooking spray to yield the toastiest, crunchiest finish. 

How to make smoked crackers and what flavors to use

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Grab your favorite crackers and layer them in an aluminum foil baking tray before dousing them in olive oil or cooking spray, mix thoroughly, and liberally top them with your favorite seasoning. Then set your smoker to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and heat them for around a half hour before checking the result. To finish the crackers, turn up the smoker to 275 degrees and smoke the snacks for an additional 15 minutes until the oil is absorbed. You can either eat them as is or add even more creative additions.

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Try topping your finished crackers with slathers of hot honey, peanut butter, tahini, and hummus, or you could even make a white queso dip for dunking. You can also pair the smoky flavor to make sweeter bites by sandwiching pieces of salty dark chocolate between two crackers or layering them with decadent layers of chocolate hazelnut spread. Whether you decide to go the savory or sweet route, your guests and your tastebuds will thank you for this incredible-tasting snack. 

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