How to Grill Honeydew: A Sweet and Savory Recipe

In a colorful bowl of summer salad, it won’t be hard to find honeydew among the fruits and veggies. With a mild and refreshing taste, it often plays a supporting role, leaving room for more vibrant, sweeter things to shine. While that’s fine and all, you can easily make it more exciting with just a few minutes on the grill. This simple change brings out all the hidden wonders honeydew has to offer, and you’ll barely break a sweat doing it.

With the grill’s magic touch, the honeydew’s flavors are taken to a whole new level. The hint of sweetness that used to get lost in the fresh, light base becomes much more pronounced and intricate. You can easily spot it between the bites, dancing with the seasonings and their versatile, endless range of possibilities. It could be as complex or as simple as you want. From an extra touch of sweetness to a captivating harmony of zesty, spicy, and subtly warm notes that will serenade the taste buds like no other. There’s no set rule on how to grill honeydew, so feel free to make it to your heart’s content.

Fun times await with this simple transformation

A flaming hot grill

Grilling honeydew is pretty much like most other fruits — just a straightforward, three-step process. Start by cutting the fruit into either slices or cubes, depending on how you plan on serving it. Then, coat them in your seasoning of choice and grill over medium-high heat for a few minutes. When they start to soften and char around the edges, you can take them off the grill.

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Delving into the flavoring, honey or maple syrup is the simplest, most foolproof choice. A drizzle or two is enough to coat the honeydew in a luscious sweetness — a perfect top-off for a summer treat. As always, lemon juice and lime juice are great for sprinkling brightness onto the fruit. Add some minced ginger to the mix if you want a kick of heat. A step above that is chili powder, which you’ll only need a light hand to impart a delectable spicy taste.

Once you’ve got the grilled honeydew, that’s when the real fun begins. On its own, it’s a fantastic appetizer or side dish for any outdoor meal, accompanying grilled meat and all things savory. Plated alongside other grilled fruits with a similar taste, like melon, watermelon, and cantaloupe, and drizzled with a vinaigrette dressing, it makes a gorgeous, refreshing salad. You can even make a unique salsa verde out of it when mixed with red onion, tomatillo, jalapeño, and other grilled vegetables.

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