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How to Grill French Toast for the Perfect Texture

Groggy-eyed and fresh out of bed, lighting up the grill might be the last to-do item on your mind. However, if you want to make an extra delicious batch of French toast for that special someone, you may want to fire up your backyard grill. Slapping custard-soaked pieces of bread onto a clean, hot grate can produce the best French toast you have ever tasted.

Be sure your grill is clean so that remnants from last night’s cookout do not make their way into your eggy batch of toasted bread. Once your grill grates are clean, coat the metal in an oil that can withstand heat and get to work mixing the egg-bath of your dreams. Use milk and cream or dairy alternatives, eggs, vanilla, and other spices to your liking. If you happen to plan your breakfast menu in advance, you can create skewers of soaked bread to grill, but sliced pieces from a challah loaf will do equally nicely. In no time, you’ll be serving up pieces of French toast that offer both a crunchy crust and a soft, spongy interior that will keep forks busy.

Taking a favorite recipe to new heights

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Not only will your plates of French toast present with the aesthetic marks that only hot grill grates can provide, but these perfectly cooked pieces of bready heaven will be accompanied by a subtly smokey flavor that brings to mind summer campfire parties and cookouts. Though make sure you’re either using gas or have let your fuel turn into coals, or you might get more mesquite flavor than you bargained for.

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To invite extra sweetness to your French toast pieces, dust your eggy bread with sugar before plopping them down onto the grill so they develop a crispy caramelized layer to tuck into. Just as you’d serve an oven- or stove-top-made French toast recipe, crown your golden creations with maple syrup, powdered sugar, seasonal berries, or drizzles of agave syrup. A touch of flaky, crunchy salt can add a textural dimension to your breakfast plates, or honey whipped cream can start your day with a creamy sweetness. Serve warm plates with crunchy pieces of bacon, and you’ll have yourself a meal that prompts plenty of praise from your breakfast and brunch guests.

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