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How to Grill Brownies for a Rich and Smoky Flavor

If your grill is already fired up, you may want to keep it burning to make dessert. Though slapping squares of brownies onto a hot grill might be far from your mind, this easy culinary hack can make the difference between an expected treat and an unforgettable offering that leaves guests asking about your recipe. Setting brownies onto the grill can impart a smoky, decadent flavor to your favorite recipes, and with little effort, bring new dimensions to the classic dessert offering.

Not only can you set pre-made brownies on a grill, but you can also bake fudgy brownies themselves over your backyard fire. Use a steel pan or an aluminum pan that you can toss after baking to make brownies over an open flame. This technique will require a bit of finesse as you will need to closely monitor the temperature and baking time of your goodies, but your prudence will be well-rewarded after you begin snacking on these irresistible, gooey creations.

Combine flavors for an unforgettable treat

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The flavor profile of chocolate plays well with smokey undertones, and you can bring out unique tasting experiences by using aromatic woods like cherry in your grill, placing punchy spices like ancho chile in the batter mix, or dusting your finished creations with flaky sea salt. After baking brownies on the grill once, you’ll wonder what took you so long to stumble upon this culinary treat. 

Similar to baking brownies in an oven, use a toothpick to gauge whether the center of your batch is properly cooked. You want the brownies to be set, fudgy, and chewy — not burnt or tough to bite into. Use a skillet if you’re nervous about destroying pans in the fire and don’t forget to toss a few bananas and peaches over the flames to serve with your smoke-enhanced dessert. When topped with ice cream and drizzles of warm chocolate sauce, this rich grilled dessert is sure to be a crowd-pleasing offering.

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