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Grilling Turkey Burgers: How Long Should You Cook Them?

Past the classic combo of a grilled beef patty between two buns, burger recipes come in a large variety. And if you’re looking for an option that’s leaner, has less saturated fat, and is more sustainable, then turn to a turkey-based patty. It’s a delicious meat that melds well into the sandwich format — but it does require a little know-how to prepare.

While its low-fat nature is beneficial, it also means the protein’s predisposed to drying out, crafting patties that both lack any flavor and are a parched, crumbly disappointment. However, it doesn’t have to be this way — with a careful eye on the cooking duration, you’ll get a turkey burger that’s actually juicy.

For moist results, grill turkey burgers on medium heat. Limit cooking time to 12 minutes total, with a flip halfway through. The less agitation, the better: don’t work the patty more than necessary when forming, and keep the spatula off the burgers during cooking. In fact, it’s best to keep the grill lid closed during the entire preparation process. With such care, the burgers will turn out delectably moist.

Carefully prep turkey burgers and grill six minutes per side

prepared turkey burger

In addition to keeping a close eye on the cooking duration, a more moist result can be achieved through some nifty prepping, too. Firstly, note that turkey burgers are wider than their beef counterpart, so form patties that are larger in area than the bun. And for extra moisture, add game-changing ingredients like goat milk, which also enhances the flavor in addition to texture.

Ground turkey is mushier to the touch than beef, so throw the burgers in the freezer to stiffen them up for grilling. And if you’re looking for extra caramelization with a delectable crust, a dusting of flour is a great call for the juiciest turkey burger. However, if you want to keep it simple, just make sure to season the patties well with a spice mix of your choosing.

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Once it’s time to grill, pre-heating to the desired temperature is a necessity — avoid placing the patties on a lukewarm setup. Watch that timer carefully, and check that the internal doneness reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit. With such care, the turkey burger result will be sure to be a mouthwatering result.

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