Grilling Baked Potatoes with a Salt Crust: A Delicious Twist

For delicious baked potatoes, there are many steps you can take to achieve near-perfection with your spuds. But we’ve got one trick in particular that will take your potatoes over the top. It’s why baked potatoes typically taste better in restaurants than at home. That’s right — salt. A lot of it. Grilling season is the perfect time to implement this tip — don’t forget to throw some potatoes on the flame alongside your favorite meats, seafood, or vegetables, like sweet summer corn or a supple lobster tail.

Once you grease up the potato with plenty of olive oil, apply a generous portion of kosher salt to create a savory crust, then pop that sucker on the grill to achieve a crispy exterior and a fluffy inside. Let your potato cook for about an hour on a medium-heat grill, checking every 15 minutes of so. After pulling your perfected potato off the heat, slice it open to let the steam out. This will help you achieve a fluffy potato texture. Don’t forget to serve your spud with all of your favorite toppings, like tangy sour cream, sharp shredded cheddar, and a fistful of bright chives.

Why is the russet the best potato for grilling?

Baked potatoes

Potatoes are universally beloved for their starchy body and neutral flavor, and the best potato for grilling is the hearty and ever-popular russet. It will hold up to the heat of the grill and will perfectly hold all of the toppings you want to add, ensuring an ideal side to your other grilled goodies.

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While these potatoes are great steamed, mashed, or roasted, preparing them on the grill is a special way to create a beautiful summer feast. Try cubing them up and cooking them on a flat-top grill, or go for the classic and roast them right on the grill — in foil for a creamy result or without foil for extra char and flavor on the salty crust. Along with tasting great, russets are also a healthy option as a side dish, offering plenty of Vitamin C and potassium.

Ready to try it out at home? Fire up the grill, invite your loved ones over, and use one of our favorite salt-baked potatoes recipes.

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