Grill Up a Delicious Breakfast with Bacon

As the most important (and arguably the best) meal of the day, breakfast requires that every ingredient used to make it is top notch. With a host of delicious components, it’s hard to determine whether waffles, eggs, or French toast stand out the most. However, bacon will forever be the most notable dish on the breakfast table. While a simple pan-sear or air-fry is enough to highlight its flavor, grilling bacon brings out the best from pork.

Just when we thought we had sampled bacon in every form imaginable, something as simple as a grill reminded us that there was still much to be desired. We’ve plowed through maple-cinnamon candied bacon, parmesan-crusted bacon, and classic fried bacon, just to realize that the grilled version is leagues above the rest. When the savory strips hit the hot grates of the grill, they’re left with a deeper taste, primarily from the smoky aroma that permeates the pork. The edges crisp and curl up, a visual signifier of the lovely charred effect that’s left behind.

This all happens within five minutes, and with little clean up, too. There are no grease splatters that settle into your stove or kitchen counter — the fat simply falls down into the drip pan. Once the grill’s been fired up, lay out the slabs of bacon and cook them on low heat, flipping them after around two minutes on each side. For a crisper cut, leave them cooking for a while longer.

What kind of bacon should you be grilling?

Raw slices of bacon on parchment paper

This method mainly works best with thicker cuts of bacon. Sturdier pieces won’t stick to the grates or fall through the cracks of the grill. Applewood-smoked bacon tastes particularly incredible when grilled. Although it’s a pretty common type of bacon, we’ll never stop treating it like a novelty. It has a sweet flavor that’s heightened when grilled, enveloping it with a headier, smokier touch. With a new bold taste, grilled applewood-smoked bacon is the perfect ingredient to elevate a simple omelet or breakfast sandwich.

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If you’re whipping up a hash for breakfast, grilled pieces of bacon lardons make for a delectable choice. They have a rich, salty flavor that’s used to build flavor in dishes. With an even deeper flavor thanks to grilling, imagine how much better your breakfast will taste. The thick cut pieces are quite small in size, so you can add some aluminum foil under the grates of your grill to prevent the bacon from slipping through. Once partially-grilled, finish cooking it in a skillet with cubed potatoes, eggs, sliced bell peppers, and a dash of shredded cheddar.

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