Chuck Steak: A Great Option for Grilling

When the craving for a grilled steak hits, you might turn to relatively popular cuts like rib eye, filet mignon, or a sirloin. Another less-likely cut of steak that also benefits from time on the grill on the back patio is chuck steak. To be clear, chuck steaks slightly differ from chuck roasts, and you most likely marinate the tough cut of beef and then cook it off in the oven or in your slow cooker. However, it can turn out just as tender and flavorful as those other pricey steak options on the grill with the right prep work and technique.

The biggest perk of chuck steak compared to those other popular cuts for grilling is that it’s typically more affordable. The meat is tough due to all of the muscles found in the cow’s upper shoulder, which is where chuck steaks are cut from. To combat the toughness, the best technique is to use a steak marinade to add flavor and tenderize the meat before it goes onto the grill. You might even want to marinate the chuck steaks for up to 24 hours to get the best flavor and tenderness so plan accordingly for your next dinner party or cookout.

Grill chuck steaks to medium doneness for tender meat

Tongs removing steak from grill

Chuck steaks refer to a few different cuts so you have different options to throw on the grill. Some types of chuck steaks are labeled as chuck-eye steaks and can turn out quite tender on the grill. Other cuts like shoulder and shoulder center steaks can come out delicious off the grill, especially with a marinade. A chuck roast, which we mentioned earlier, is a larger cut of meat that also has a bit more marbling and will become juicy and tender during the grilling process. You can also throw flat-iron steaks on the grill.

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Because many of these cuts are tougher than more fatty steaks, you might want to cook it until it reaches a medium-rare or medium doneness so all of the connective tissues have sufficient time to break down and turn tender. (Sorry to those who prefer a rare steak). This can be even more important if you skip the marinade. Alternatively, if you cook cuts like chuck-eye steaks past a medium doneness, they might also turn out tough and chewy. To pull off an expertly-grilled chuck steak, brush up on these essential grilling tips and tricks like why it’s important to allow the meat to rest before you dig in.

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