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Avoid Using the Thermometer Dial on Your Grill

Reaching the correct temperature when using your grill is a more difficult task than you may think, especially because the thermometer dial on your grill isn’t necessarily accurate. Unlike an oven, which is a much more controlled heat environment, your grill could have a multitude of factors that result in a different temperature than indicated by your dial. While the temperature may not matter for some grilled items, for larger cuts of meat having a steady, correct temperature is crucial for creating the cooking results you want.

The reason your thermometer dial on your grill isn’t accurate is that it doesn’t measure the temperature of your cooking surface, it measures the temperature of the air inside your grill. If your grill thermometer is on the front top of the hood, it will be more inaccurate than a thermometer on the side, which is closer to the grates of your grill. In some cases, the temperature discrepancy between your grill thermometer and the actual temperature on the grates of the grill can be upwards of 150 degrees hotter. It also won’t account for if you’re using the split grill technique of having a hotter side and a cooler side of your grill for cooking; the temperature reading will be an average of both sides. Your best bet for accurately temping your grill is to use additional thermometers.

What kind of thermometers to use instead

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There is actually such a thing as a grill grate thermometer to take the surface temperature of your grill. It works by resting on the surface of your grill as it warms up; after about five minutes, it will provide an accurate read of the temperature. This gives you peace of mind that you know exactly how hot your grill is when you begin cooking and gives you a better judgment on how long your meat will need to cook. You can find surface thermometers at online stores such as Amazon or at your local outdoor shop.

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Another important tool to use when gauging the temperature of your grill is a meat thermometer. While a meat thermometer won’t tell you how hot the surface of your grill is, it will keep you updated about how quickly your meat is cooking. If you notice the numbers rising too fast, you can turn the heat down, or if you want to cook it faster, crank the heat. An internal meat thermometer is also useful for getting the exact cook you want on your meat.

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