Preheat a Rag in the Microwave Before Cleaning

Cleaning around the house can be incredibly satisfying, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy. There are a few ways to make the general process of cleaning more inviting, like playing energizing music and wearing comfortable clothes, but nothing makes a difference like using the right tools. This means ensuring you have all the cleaning products, sponges, and sprays that you need to get the job done. If your cleaning plan includes tackling tough, stuck-on messes, part of your preparation should be to toss a rag into the microwave.

Before you start cleaning, place a thoroughly damp rag into the microwave and heat it up. The amount of time you’ll need to keep it in the microwave will differ depending on what model you have, so use 30-second increments until you find a time that works for you. You’ll want the rag to be quite warm, but not so hot that you can’t handle it. In order to use the rag when it is steaming, it’s wise to wear cleaning gloves. Once you’re done, you can start by cleaning the microwave.

A hot rag is a better cleaning tool

cleaning counter with rag

A hot rag is much more effective at cleaning through dirt and grease throughout the house. The science behind this is simple: Hot water is able to break the bonds substances like oil and grease form with other surfaces. Additionally, hot water is more capable of dissolving substances than cold water. This means it can more easily cut through sticky messes made from sugary jam, sauces, or syrups.

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It is important to note that unless the water is boiling, it cannot kill germs. And since handling a boiling hot rag would result in horribly burnt hands, you should use cleaning products to disinfect. The combination of a (reasonably) hot rag and chemical cleaners is enough to remove surface grime while simultaneously making your home germ-free.

Unlike some chores, doing a deep cleaning of your home doesn’t have to be a daily habit. That’s why when you do clean, you should do it right. For tidying up small spills or scrubbing the nooks and crannies of your kitchen, microwaving a rag is a quick way to create a powerful cleaning tool.

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