How to Get Rid of Blender Odors with Lime Water

Your blender has gotten plenty of use from your recent obsessions with smoothie bowls, and you have started to use the appliance more frequently to make soups and sauces. Yet even after your best attempts to clean the appliance, you notice subtle whiffs of funk emanating from the container as you set the glass pitcher back onto the blender’s base. We have a simple solution. 

Instead of frantically trying to wash the container by hand or shoving it back into the dishwasher for an additional cycle, reach for a handful of limes. Slice the limes, toss them into your blender, add water, and run the machine for a minute or two. Once time is up, dump out the blended lime water and give your blender a quick rinse. This easy hack will quickly eliminate any offending smells, and you’ll be left with a fresh blender to use to whip up your next ginger cinnamon pear smoothie without pause.  

A sparkling appliance ready for use

clean appliances on counter

Limes are commonly used as a natural cleaning product, as some studies have demonstrated that citrus has an antimicrobial effect when observed in antifungal and antibacterial tests. Like lemons, limes offer higher acidic levels and pack plenty of citric acid to offer a handy at-home cleaning alternative when you’re faced with offending aromas. 

After cleaning your blender with lime water, attack the surface area around your blender and wipe the base of your appliance with a cleaning spray made with lime juice and vinegar. For any surface areas that have accumulated extra sticky gunk, your citrus-based approach can be doubled up with baking soda and warm water for a more powerful deep clean. Once the base of your blender and the glass pitcher are fresh smelling and sparkling, you can be on your way to assembling the necessary ingredients to make your morning cinnamon banana walnut smoothie bowl that has no hint of the last thing you whizzed up.  

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