How to Fix the Smoke Smell from a Salt Oven Spill

We’ve all been there — you pop something delicious in the oven, only to have it bubble over and create a burnt mess that permeates the kitchen with an unpleasant odor. But fear not! There’s a simple trick to prevent oven spills from turning into stinky, burnt nightmares. The secret ingredient? Salt.

When food or liquids spill in the oven, they often contain sugars, fats, or other organic compounds. These substances can undergo a combustion reaction when exposed to high temperatures. As they burn, they release foul-smelling compounds into the air, leaving your kitchen with an undesirable aroma. Here’s where salt comes to the rescue. When you sprinkle salt over a fresh oven spill, it acts as a barrier that prevents exposure to air. Oxygen is a crucial component for combustion reactions to occur, and by covering the spill with salt, you limit the amount of oxygen available. As a result, the spill is less likely to catch fire or emit that burnt odor.

How to use salt to eliminate a burnt smell

salt shaker and spoon of salt

To use salt to tackle oven spills and keep your kitchen smelling fresh, act as soon as you notice a spill in your oven. Turn off the heat and allow the oven to cool slightly. Be cautious, as the oven will still be hot. Generously sprinkle salt over the fresh spill, covering it completely. The salt will absorb any moisture and create a protective barrier. Allow the salt to sit on the spill until the oven has cooled down completely. Once cool, use a damp cloth or sponge to gently scrub away the salt and the now-dried spill. You’ll find that the spill comes off more easily, and the burnt smell is significantly reduced.

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Not only does salt prevent burnt smells, but it can also help you clean your oven more effectively. Its abrasive nature makes it an excellent natural scrubbing agent. After you’ve tackled the spill, you can use salt to clean other areas of your oven, such as the racks or the oven door. So next time you encounter a spill in your oven, don’t let it ruin your dish or fill your kitchen with a burnt odor. Reach for that trusty salt shaker and sprinkle it liberally over the spill.

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