Ice Cream Cone Cannoli Recipe

The satisfying combination of a crunchy pastry shell filled with smooth ricotta filling makes for one of our favorite treats. Cannolis are a sure hit at any gathering, yet sometimes certain occasions call for an easy distribution of snacks and an easy way to eat them. Instead of making shells from scratch for a birthday party or planned backyard gathering, consider using some of the extra ice cream cones you have in your pantry. The crunchy shells are convenient containers for sweet cannoli mixtures, and the crunch of a good-quality ice cream cone can replicate the toothy experience of biting into a cannoli shell — without you needing to plan ahead and bake any pastries. Plus, without the risk of filling slipping out from either end of the pastry shell, you’ll be packing ice cream cones quickly with scoops of sweetened ricotta cheese and sprinkling them with toppings of your choice. 

Once you’ve tried assembling the first cannoli fillings into ice cream cones, you may feel creatively inspired to step into a more colorful direction by adding food coloring to the cream filling or dipping the tops of the ice cream cones into chocolate before assembly. You won’t easily exhaust the potential of this fun sweet recipe.

Let your cannoli creativity run wild

ice cream cones and toppings

Packing ice cream cones with creamy ricotta filling meant for cannoli shells makes for endless combinations of possible flavors and designs. Layer toppings of chopped pistachios, chocolate chips, or toasted coconut flakes to suit the different palates at your party. You can also fill the bottom of each cone with a hidden surprise of chocolate, Nutella swirls, homemade peanut butter, or caramel.

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Once made, cannoli ice cream cones can be topped with whatever you fancy. Chocolate sprinkles or colorful cake decorations are always popular, and your cute presentations will have surprised guests snapping photos and updating their social stories. These fun ice cream cone cannolis won’t melt like ice creams do, so can be plated aesthetically onto serving trays or stands so dinner guests can help themselves. Make more than what you think you’ll need. Any leftover treats can also be delicious served with a morning cup of coffee or enjoyed as an afternoon pick me up.

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