About the study

The LOOK study was initially funded by the Commonwealth Education Trust www.cet1886.org from 2004 to 2009. The project was initially set up through the Commonwealth Education Trust, London, UK, by Professor Richard (Dick) Telford AM, formerly inaugural Sports Scientist at the Australian Institute of Sport and is based in Canberra, Australia.  Early development occurred in close consultation with Mr Malcolm Freake OAM, a successful businessman with a passion for helping children to enjoy sport and physical activity and Patron of the Bluearth Foundation. 

Valuable impetus in the LOOK formative days was provided by Professor Don Byrne, then Head of the Department of Psychology, now Emeritus Professor, College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, at the ANU. The Project Management and Data Base Management roles, together with a senior research role was carried out by Dr Rohan Telford, currently Senior Research Fellow at the University of Canberra. Clinical psychologist and senior research fellow Dr Lisa Olive, now with the Department of Psychology, Deakin University also took on a prominent senior managerial as well as research role.

The research design and statistical analysis has been conducted by Dr Ross Cunningham, initially from the ANU and now in an adjunct professorial role at the University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise. Professors Julia Potter and Peter Hickman of ACT Pathology and the ANU Medical School have also been vital collaborators  from the outset of LOOK. During the latter part of the primary school and the adolescent phase, the LOOK study benefitted greatly from the participation of Professor Walter Abhayaratna, Consultant Cardiologist and Executive Clinical Director, Division of Medicine, and Director of the Clinical Trials Unit, Canberra Hospital, who also headed the cardiology research component of the LOOK project.

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